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Wuhan ChengCheng vegetables distribution is one specialized is engaged in the service centerFrozen food distributionFruits and vegetables distributionThe professional services firm。The company in wuhan dongxihu thousands of acres of pollution-free green vegetable base,Long-term supply of new Fresh fruits and vegetables,Plentiful,And equipped with professional agricultural technology personnel to ensure the quality of dishes。The company also with several large wholesale food market in wuhan have good Relations of cooperation,To ensure the stable supply of goods、The best price。All fresh from the formal channels,Wuhan meat and shuanghui stock,We are committed to provide customers are put Heart food、Safe meat。For the sake of customers,Health first!

Since its establishment,In line with the service to customers、Clients' interests priority principle,With sincere service to customers,Long-term for several large hotels、The hotel、Machine Close the canteen distribution,And maintained a good reputation and cooperative relations。The company has more than one car delivery,And equipped with professional

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